Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workshop with Fenia Botsi!!! | Artistic Studio Oriental Expression

Tribal Fusion Bellydance Workshop with Fenia Botsi!!!

Oriental Dance Workshop with Prince Kayammer
December 4, 2019
January 28, 2020

FENIA BOTSI @ Artistic Studio Oriental Expression


«Time fusion elements»

with Fenia Botsi

SUNDAY,  January 26th, 2020  (18:00 – 19:30)


PART A: Time strech and time priceseness a combination of rythms and fluidity technique. Musicality, tempos and volume of the movement, tension freeze and slow motion technique, to get ouf the lines.

PART B: choreography with the above elements.


Workshop venue: Artistic Studio Oriental Expression

Cost: 30 euro (25 for Studio’s members)

Artistic Studio Oriental Expression

Antiopis 31 – Aghios Dimitrios (Dafni metro station) – Τηλ. / Fax 210 9735 888 – Κιν. 699 711 6407 – 699 255 3320,

Few words about Fenia

Botsi Fenia was born in Athens.  She studied English literature and on 2000 she begun Latin competitive style.  On 2004 she was involved with classical belly dance, next to great teachers. On 2006 she discovered tribal fusion bellydance which is her greatest love until nowadays.  With Eva’s Chatzichristou guidance and the attendance of lots of seminars with foreigners and Greek teachers like, Rachel Brice, Samantha Emmanuel, Mardi Love, Kira Lebedeva, Lamia Barbara, Ashley Lopez, Jasmin Kalathaki, Erifili Nikolakopoulou etc. She has participated in Greek open championships and abroad by getting 1st places, so she created her team Con fusion troupe and the 1st juniors team tribal in Greece “azalea troupe”.  She participated as a member at Vesnas Zorman worldwide team Ambrosia Art &Motion also had a photoshoot for them and a videoclip. Recently she choreographed and performed at Megaron Athens Concert Hall at a theater play for 2years with great success .  She is a member of E.S.X.E and W.D.C (adjucator in Latin and bellydance) got diplomas in this section also a member of CID -UNESCO.