TRIBAL FUSION BELLYDANCE WORKSHOP “Urban Fusion” with Paraskevi Kappa | Artistic Studio Oriental Expression

TRIBAL FUSION BELLYDANCE WORKSHOP “Urban Fusion” with Paraskevi Kappa

Intensive Bollywood Dance Training at Artistic Studio Oriental Expression!
October 11, 2019
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December 4, 2019

TRIBAL FUSION BELLYDANCE «Urban Fusion» με την Paraskevi Kappa


“Urban Fusion” with Paraskevi Kappa

SUNDAY, November 24th 2019 (18:00 – 20:00)

In this workshop we will combine the groove, the power and inventiveness of street dances with the detail and flow of tribal fusion.

We will introduce techniques related to tribal, like waving, but also completely new, like hitting and footwork, which we will explore through small combinations.

We will be inspired, sweat, and dance to awesome music!

A few words about Paraskevi

Paraskevi Kapa studied ballet (RAD system) for 15 years and currently she practices yoga and studies contemporary dance. After years of dancing, she discovered tribal fusion and devoted herself to learning and then teaching this fascinating dance form. In 2019, she participated in the Athens Video Dance Project with the video dance ‘k.a.’ and in the Emerging Artists Festival at ‘The Train in Rouf’ with the duet ‘in BEtween’. She is often invited at the European Music Day with NegliZen, the music band she collaborates with. She has participated in solo and group performances in various theatres and art spaces in Athens (Vault theatre, Communitism, Fine Arts School theatre, Empros theatre etc). She performs often at tribal fusion festivals all around Europe (Tribal Fusion Express in Rome, Tribal Fusion Remix in London, Fusion Faire in Zagreb, TribalX in Lisbon etc). Every year she attends the Orchidaceae Dance Intensive, which combines tribal fusion with contemporary dance and street dance techniques. She is a previous member of the Juniper Collective by Alexis Southall.