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This Year will be better!!!

November 3, 2020
NEW Oriental Intensive Training on Jan 31, 2021
January 18, 2021
Oriental Expression_OnLine Classes 2021_Δάσκαλοι

Oriental Expression_OnLine Classes_Δάσκαλοι

We’re back !!!

Happy New Year with health, joy and lots of dancing !!!

The Artistic Studio ORIENTAL EXPRESSION amazing team strikes again !!!

Wanting to thank you for your love and support this special year that passed, we start 2021 against the uncomfortable everyday life, full of joy, creativity and lots, lots, lots love for dance !!!

Those of you who did not have the opportunity to attend our online courses so far, start TODAY !!!

All our amazing teachers are at your disposal with one “click”!

Drop in Classes and monthly packages are available!

Contact us at for details!

Oriental Expression_Online Classes 2021

Oriental Expression_Online Classes 2021