NEW BOLLYWOOD Intensive Training on Sunday, Jan 31 2021 | Artistic Studio Oriental Expression

NEW BOLLYWOOD Intensive Training on Sunday, Jan 31 2021

NEW Oriental Intensive Training on Jan 31, 2021
January 18, 2021

Starting the New Year with lot of joy and optimism we present you the first ONLINE INTENSIVE TRAINING for 2021, on Sunday, January 31st.

Bollywood Intensive Training

with our Choreographer Sumon Rudra,

12:00 – 15:00!

Click here for Sumon’s Cv.

The Workshop will contain:

  1. Theory
  • History and evolution of Bollywood Dance, with emphasis on the last 30
  • Analysis of different styles of Folk Dances used in Bollywood
    Choreographies. Similarities – Differences between Traditional and Modern
    representation of the Folk music including notes and relevant videos.

2.Technique and Vocabulary

  • The technique and basic steps.
  • Common Combinations of steps of the dance style and how we use them in the
  1. Choreography
  • A 1-1:30 mins Choreography which will include some of the basic steps from
    above so we can practice it more and have the actual feel dancing it in a



*The workshop will take place through Zoom.
** We remind our members that participate in the program Be a Dance Professor that workshop hours will count as double!
*** All participants will be given notes and certificates of participation!
**** The training material and especially the choreography is property of the 1st Bollywood Dance Academy Greece and may not be taught by others for any reason. Right to teach the choreography are only accredited teachers of the Academy.

PRICE : 25€

REGISTER NOW at or send a personal message to Sumon Rudra!