All certified dance teachers of Artistic Studio Oriental Expression & 1st Bollywood Dance Academy Greece, are at your disposal by appointment for individual / private classes.  The sessions can be live or online!

Private lessons are an ideal solution for many reasons:

  • For beginners that want to learn the basics before entering a group class.
  • For all levels students, that want to have a faster progress in movement, technique and dancing ability.
  • If you have a demanding work schedule or your obligations do not allow you to follow a specific weekly schedule.


  1. Oriental/Bellydance, Bollywood, Tribal Fusion, Pilates Class
  2. Technique Improvement
  3. Preparation in order to obtain a diploma
  4. Creation of choreography
  5. Preparation for participation in competitions/ auditions
  6. Corrections – remarks in a competed choreography

In more details:

  1. Classes are taking place in our school or online, at hours and days that have been agreed in advance.
  2. Classes are valid to proceed only if are booked by our secretariat.
  3. The content of the lessons is formed by the teacher who takes into account the wishes and the level that the student wants to reach.
  4. The choice of the music that will accompany the class is made by the teacher.
  5. In case a student wishes to choose the song by themself, the class is considered a creation of choreography, and its cost changes accordingly.
  6. The cost per hour of a class depends on the teacher who will teach, as well as on the total number of hours that will eventually take place.
  7. Our students, members of the Academy and Studio, always have a discount.
  8. The hours of private lessons are counted as double for our students who participate in the program “Be a Dance Professional” and are preparing to be certified as dance teachers.
  9. The cost of participation per hour of class does not include dance costumes, accessories, video shooting etc.

For more information and/or booking your class please go here.