With the signature of the International Dance Council (CID UNESCO)

και του Artistic Studio Oriental Expression

After attending with consistency Artistic Studio Oriental Expression’s dance lessons you can acquire Professional Dance Instructor Diploma.

The diploma consists of 3 levels. Each level requires 150 hours of instruction.

To obtain the Diploma you have:

- The School, the Teacher and the Student must be Members of CID – UNESCO
- Το Στούντιο, βεβαιώνει επίσημThe school sends a declaration to CID that the student has completed a module of 150 hours and is ready to proceed in level ΙΙ.
- CID sends formal Certification on parchment paper, valid world-wide. The school hands the parchment to the student at a special ceremony
- Once a student has obtained Certification for the 1st level (for example Oriental I, Bollywood I or Tribal Fusion I) he/she can proceed to the 2nd level (another 150 hours)
- For the 3rd level which is the final – professional 150 hours of instruction are needed.
The candidates must also attend the workshops that take place throughout the year. Special Panel of recognized dance teachers and presiding of Artistic Director, Ms Anna Dimitratou, will examine the candidates who fulfill the conditions.
- The system applies to all countries, all forms of dance

For more information please address to Studio’s Secretariat


CID is the only top-level agency that can offer solid guarantees since it is:

- official, recognized by UNESCO and governments
- world-wide, linking more than 155 countries
- independent from any influences or interests
- global, not linked to any particular country
- strictly non-profit, accepting no money other than membership fees
- democratically governed by elected officers receiving no pay
- firmly established, with a long history of over 40 years
- competent, bringing together top-level specialists
- encompassing, absolutely all forms of dance